My rates are quite reasonable considering the final product. You don’t want to gamble with your investment whether you are a writing agency or an individual. Here, my aim is to give you only the best.

My solutions are simple, transparent and are built around your specific requirements. I don’t give complicated or vague estimates and I don’t promise results that I can’t deliver.

For 300 Words Article, I do charge flat $30. 

  • A compact article of 300 words that delivers your most important keyword message.

For 600 Words Article, I do charge flat $50. 

  • 600 words focusing on 1 or 2 keywords with more details.

For 600 Words Article, I do charge flat $90. 

  • 1200 words article focusing on up to 3 keywords. Allows for greater depth – good for search engines.

The proof of the eating is in the eating.

For new clients, I offer the first article for FREE (Pay Only if Satisfied). TRY ME.