I am a freelance medical and health creative writer with both fiction and health-related nonfiction works on Amazon.com. I have completed Master’s degree in Medical Sciences from the University of Mumbai. I do non-fiction and content writing jobs for blogs, websites and magazines.

I am a medical professional who loves photography, gardening, reading and the outdoors. Try me…

My clients

I work with a wide range of clients from small charities and start-ups to large public sector organizations and private companies.  Please contact me to discuss how I can help you, whatever your project. Visit my contact page for details.


Question: What type of English do you use in writing your articles?

Answer: I use either the U.S or U.K English. By default, I use the U.S English. If you want your articles in U.K English, then specify this when making your order.

Question: Can you write articles on non-medical or general health and fitness topics?

Answer: My writing experience goes beyond health. However, to be sure that we are in agreement about any non-health related topic, let’s discuss your project before placing the order. Health is a cumulative product of many personal and social factors and your idea may be just one such factor.

Type of Medical Articles – I can help with:

  • Medical Journalism
  • Medical Education
  • Medical Marketing of Healthcare Products
  • Publications & Presentations
  • Research Documents
  • Regulatory Documents

Question: Do you write about sex?

Answer: I do but from a wholesome and healthy perspective. Sexual health is (according to me) one of the great pillars of overall health. Without it, social and personal health is directly affected. If not sure, let’s have a prior discussion

Question: Are there topics that you don’t write about?

Answer: I don’t write articles that promote violence, guns, pornography, xenophobia, racism or negative religious views.

Question: My question is different from the ones you have listed.

Answer: Feel free to shoot me a message and I will address it to your satisfaction – hopefully.

The proof of the eating is in the eating.

For new clients, I offer the first article for FREE (Pay Only if Satisfied). TRY ME.